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Roof Tiles
A variety of profiles and colours to suit most pitched roof applications

Flat Tile


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Colours Available

  •   Black
  • Brown
  • Antique Red
    Antique Red
  •  Antique Brown
    Antique Brown
  •  Red
  • Anthracite


Size of Tile Overall420 x 330mm
Minimum Pitch17.5 degrees (for rafter length over 8 metres or sites with a high degree of exposure please consult our technical department)
Maximium Pitch90 Degrees (subject to fixing specifications
Headlap (minimum)75mm above 25 degrees // 100mm at 25 degrees or below
Gauge (maximum)345mm
Cover width of one tile (nominal)295mm
Covering Capacity (Headlap 75mm)9.8 tiles / sq metre
Covering Capacity (Headlap 100mm)10.6 tiles / sq metre
Hanging Length (nominal)400mm
Weight per 1000 (approx)5.5 tonnes
Rcommended Batten size (see BS5534) . Rafter centres up to 600mm50 x 25mm
Recommended Nail size50mm x 3.35mm